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Dining rooms
Dining rooms
Dining rooms
Dining rooms

Venice Home Collection

Blending value and tradition of luxury bespoke household linens, Venice Home Collection advocates premium Made in Italy quality, customized approach to manufacturing and great attention to details. Design of our linens preserves and expresses the memory of centuries of Venetian tradition at its best. Finest fabric, iconic style and signature standards made Venice Home Collection famous for its luxury made-to-measure household linens.

Preserving iconic Venetian tradition of luxurious linens embellished with rich laces, our products are manufactured to become a key interior design element in your bedroom, bathroom or dining room to make it authentic, elegant and representative. Venice Home Collection designs and manufactures premium-quality luxury linens for table, bed, terry towels, bathrobes, curtains and velvet.

Our sophisticated bedding products are tailored to meet the needs of demanding customers willing to realize bold design projects with strong values, ethics and philosophy expressed in every detail of interiors. We encourage customized approach to hi-end design, offering luxury made-to-measure household linens to satisfy client’s exigent hopes and demands in home fabrics.

History and tradition reflect the core values of Venice Home Collection production imprinting the importance that laces in medieval Venice, when the Serenissima Republic gained immense wealth from the trade and commerce of spices and other extremely valuable products. Once overwhelming wealth was forbidden to be demonstrated in gold, gems and jewels, the use of Venetian lace in luxury linens became the new symbol and smart accessory translating the wealth of Venetian people, preserving its value until modern days.

We make luxury bespoke household linens a part of design stories where each line and shape defines the splendor of your home interior design. Virtue of color, unity of shape in home fabrics manufactured using carefully selected materials and designed with precious Venetian laces provide a definitive background for a sophisticated aesthete passionate about art, architecture, history and design.

Venice Home Collection S.r.l.

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