Executive Jets

High profile, personal taste and desires can be perfectly reflected in details during flight transfers. Bespoke private jet bedding by Venice Home Collection will help to create tailor-made surrounding during flights underlining attention to every detail and admiration of top-notch materials and design.

Exquisite interiors of private jet require every detail to be a single and independent element of design reflecting character of the owner and desired atmosphere during flights. Luxury jet linen from Venice Home Collection represents virtue of color, authenticity and unity of shape blending home linen and definitive hospitality fabrics.

Our private jet bedding collections are manufactured using carefully selected materials and designed with precious Venetian touch to provide a definitive background for a sophisticated aesthete passionate about art, history and design.

Explore our gallery of tailor made projects with private jet linen. We turn private flight experience into exclusive and high profile pleasure where every detail has its own and unmatched value.

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