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Luxury made-to-measure tablecloth manufactured by Venice Home Collection perfectly reflects rich tradition of Venetian linens once witnessing the splendor in the Republic of Venice. History and tradition are the core values imprinted on our luxury table covers blending premium materials, exclusive lace techniques and customized manufacturing for the most sophisticated customers.

Impressive Italian-design dining room highlighted by a marvellous touch of luxury bespoke tablecloth will perfectly express the character and attitude of the owner. Venice Home Collection table linens are distinguished by the most accurate finishing, materials and textile: a timeless ritual of tailored Venetian laces reveals itself in each our creation blending history, charm and artistic uniqueness in every tablecloth collection.

Artisan masters of Venetian needle point lace used seven different kinds of stitches: this technique goes deeply into tradition of Venetian fishermen and the handworks skills of their wives to keep linen condition. Soon luxury bespoke embroidered tablecloth made by Venetian artisans decorated the trousseaux of the world’s most noble families. Over the years the tradition of fine linen was forgotten to be rediscovered in made-to-measure place mats and luxury tablecloth and table luxury bespoke place mat without sacrificing elegance to the everyday needs of practicality.

Authentic, sharp and delicate, tablecloth mastery by Venice Home Collection recalls the traditions and centuries-old excellence decorating the interiors of modern aesthete educated in elegant and impressive design. Our fabrics for dining rooms include top-notch tablecloth, artisan-lace place mats, luxury bespoke napkins and each type of customized accessory for your table and dining rituals. For example, our luxury made-to-measure place mat will perfectly suit your regular dinners bringing to a casual ceremony a touch of extravagance and personal philosophy.

Wisely designed and created by experienced craftsmen, every table linen collection of Venice Home Collection from luxury bespoke tablecloths up to made-to-measure napkin represents a classic design accessory and exclusive object of art. We work to realize high-grade products made of your personal idea of handcraftsmanship.

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We work to realize high-grade products made of
your personal idea of handcraftmenship